the homo sapiens foundation

invincian life

we are invincible
since we are sapient

we are a true trillion
but are in reality infinite

since we are creation
the guardians of all

we never are raising any hand
against any humans
since they are

against any evil

because such
will just be disolving
to nothing at the end
through our

invincible spirit

just as
the whole of creation
being created out of arranging
out of zero energy all this creation


this planet dirt

homo sapiens sapiens ?


zombies of darwian degeneration

driven by their flight from reality
created by their masses of insanity

meaning all this death

no human

will ever want

any thing from

since he being as invincibly sapient
als all those are invincibly stupid

and now

the invincible proof
for this invincible stupidity
here on power seizure

being the fact
of these  thousands x millions
of predatory animals


the dehumanization in perfection


the power grabing in competition


the guaranteed end of all sapient life

being under natures harm
guaranteed human harm

so here this bear ... eating away all wild salmon
here is this killer whal ... wasting all fish
here a wolf rude ... done away deer
here a bird of prey ... all pigeon

people not only their food
but can be eating him

so  what could any civilization ?
be doing with this invincible stupidity ?
other then dissolving them ?
to nothing ?

the galactic foundation

what is empowering

all this insanity ?

of cource democracy

where it being not about arguments
scientifically prooven
in an

the argumentocracy

but just the fanning on
of a mayority of insane

just meaningless quantity
no quality what so ever

the basic law institute

being the tyrany
of the masses on insanity

where it just being about
to empower the masses on insanity
to coming to power

und why being all this insanity
even possible

because all those
are coming strait out of no where

where it was just about survival
no present not even possibly a future
but just the entanglement

ergo we just need 100 aircraft carriers
and are showing all the way to insanity

since no human inteligence
will be seeing a future in such an environment

we are having sons and daughters
of sons and daughters of sons and daughters
having survived all this insanity

being insane enough for
to be competing with this insanity

but we need now all those insane
to be liberating to sanity

to a meaning of life

we just need to guaranteeing human life some where
to be inspireing all potential homo sapiens
to be going about their fulfillment
meaning to creating a future

not their suicide

we need to explain the meaning in life
then be living the meaning in life

ergo cosmic reality
ergo the vision of creation

infinite existence

infinite fulfillment


our cosmic community

the homo sapiens foundation

dawning life

infinian life

cosmic life

religian life

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